It is interesting to realize that both governments and religions only exist for the mortal. Indeed the immortal need no government because they are ruled inwardly and in union with the divine. Likewise immortality needs no god either, because to be immortal is to find the very essence of what it means to be one with God.

But what we now call the “super-natural” is only beyond the means of science today. To prove that point, even today Science is finding things that simply can not exist – this neutron star is ‘almost too massive to exist,’ Astronomers say in new study

That the ancients understood and articulated the science of eternity however, is now indisputable… Make no mistake: They knew. Whats-more, they recorded the path to immortality within every ancient scripture knowing that we would one-day be able to comprehend the science that they developed thousands of years ago.

This is what The Book of Daniel offers; the secret and sacred-code of the ancients finally revealed. 

It’s not my code, -it’s theirs.

It’s not my science, -theirs … and it’s real.

-See the code and break the bonds of the world that has us…

-See the code and see what was kept from us for millennia

-See the code and see the path to immortality that they wanted us to find in this day….

Chime in and share what you know about the ancient knowledge

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