This is huge: Its coming, the return of the ancient portal and the evidence is the slow return of the super-aurora over the course of the next 850 years.

Please don’t get so caught up in the outer literal stories of your religions that you fail to see what the ancients really knew and encoded within your scriptures. What was called the “The Glory of the Lord” in the Bible was actually the super-aurora that ancient man once witnessed as the result of the monthly opening of a portal within the edge of Earth’s magnetosphere. Likewise the colors of the event are cataloged in the form of colored gemstones in the books of Ezekiel, Revelation and elsewhere. We’re starting to see more and more evidence of our findings in The Book of Daniel novel as described recently – Northern Lights dip into America’s Heartland this weekend.

What’s amazing however is how the ancients engineered wave-patterns or “Word” to re-create that opening in the fabric of space. These progressive in-roads of the aurora father south are not merely the result of solar activity but rather dimensional-energy that enters through the x-points within our Earth’s magnetic-cape. Encoded Portal-tech is what the scriptures really are all about…. Nothing more and nothing less.

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? What have you felt when you’ve seen them?

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