Over the centuries there’s been quite the perversion of exactly what the ancient magicians knew and, more-so, what ancient magic entailed. What i can tell you is that it was, by no means the likes of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, but in fact even more powerful than even they portray in the movies.

     The Book of Daniel brings to bear the full power of the ancient art. And while it may not fit the stereotypes that we enjoy in the science fictions today, the real truth of magic and it origins is even far more stunning. For now at least you will have to trust me that it exceeds your hopes and every imagination. I can tell you this however; modern man has entirely missed something that the ancients didn’t and what they knew far outpaced even Einstein’s level of intellect.

     We want hear your ideas as to the power and might of what the ancient sages knew. Chime in and lets us know your thoughts…

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